Trading Tools

SS&C’s MarketTrader is a robust order and execution management platform for broker dealers trading equities and options, while Antares is a highly flexible order management solution that supports multiple asset classes for institutions. Both systems are integrated with SS&C’s FIXLink Global Trading Community, which provides immediate access to hundreds of market participants. We also offer SS&C Hedge Fund Platform, which fully streamlines hedge fund workflow. It features an execution management system with FIX connectivity to brokers, an order management system with real-time view of holdings via Heatmaps and an automated connection with SS&C GlobeOp fund services for end-of-day processing.

SS&C MarketTrader Order and Execution Management

Benefit from SS&C’s simplified browser-based order entry and monitoring solution. With MarketTrader, users can enter orders, monitor their status and cancel orders on demand. Orders can be received and worked in MarketTrader or sent to any other FIX-based ONS system via MarketTrader API. It can also be white-labelled to your customers, enabling them to send orders directly to your OMS and see them being executed.

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SS&C Hedge Fund Platform

Our Hedge Fund Platform integrates a powerful collection of SS&C applications and services to provide a complete and reliable turnkey investment technology platform. It features a comprehensive Order Management System (OMS), state-of-the-art trading and execution management tools, real-time P&L, FIX connectivity, access to performance information via a mobile app and dedicated service and hosting facilities.

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Antares Order Management

Our comprehensive front-end trade order management system (TOMS) enables users to trade multiple assets within one system, creating a straight through process that’s seamlessly integrated from front- to back-end. Multiple asset classes, currencies and regions are all supported through one client server application. Antares also boasts a highly configurable workflow, advanced modelling functions, extensive reporting and built-in compliance monitoring.

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