Asset Management

SS&C provides powerful software, services, and unrivaled expertise to housing finance organizations. We equip our clients with extensive, easy-to-use investment accounting, loan management, debt management, and reconciliation solutions. Our integrated technology is comprehensive and our team of experts works with you to improve operations and workflows and to ensure greater efficiency and automation. We provide these solutions as in-house software or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Solutions for Housing Finance

Investment Accounting
SS&C provides a robust accounting ledger for all investment types, including securities, bank loans, derivatives, real estate, partnerships and hedge funds, financing, repos, and collateralization. Our system optimizes compliance and reporting by minimizing errors and enhancing data integrity. LEARN MORE

Loan Management
The loan management solution from SS&C helps housing finance organizations manage all aspects of the loan process, including pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing, and accounting. Our solution eliminates redundant data, reduces manual entry errors, and lowers maintenance and operational costs. LEARN MORE

Debt Management
SS&C leads the industry in debt management and municipal finance structuring. With our DBC Debt Manager and DBC Finance software, clients can track all critical information on outstanding debt from issuance through maturity. LEARN MORE

Automated Reconciliation
SS&C provides automated reconciliation and exception management with Recon. It resolves issues quickly and reduces operational risk. Use Recon for the automated reconciliation of investment holdings, transactions, and cash with your custody banks. LEARN MORE


SS&C Solutions for Housing Finance
With 30 years of experience, learn more about our comprehensive offerings and unparalleled expertise in investment accounting, loan management, debt management, and reconciliation.