Insurance Firms

Insurance firms’ investment operations face a highly regulated and increasingly complex environment. In the quest for higher returns, firms need to employ new strategies, which requires accounting for an expanding array of non-traditional instruments, including limited partnerships, bank debt, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and more. Conventional systems often cannot support this variety or accommodate new strategies, while in-house operations teams are challenged to keep up with the constant proliferation of asset classes.

SS&C delivers the best combination of technology and expertise to help you master the complexity of a rapidly changing market. We support a broad array of complex asset classes as well as new ones as they come online – so you don’t have to. Our SaaS solutions and operational services enable you to focus on making informed decisions while we manage your systems and data.

Solutions for Insurance Firms

SS&C Global Gateway delivers the expertise of SS&C’s leading investment accounting team powered by the industry’s best-in-class technology. This gives us the speed and agility to service any new market, asset class or regulation. Specially designed for insurance company buy-side asset management, SS&C Global Gateway makes comprehensive investment reporting and analytics simple through dynamic dashboards that are easily customized. LEARN MORE

Benefit from our insurance experts who are actively involved in the formation of industry accounting and regulatory changes impacting insurers. LEARN MORE

Our outsourcing team services over $1 trillion in assets globally, making us uniquely poised to help firms of any size and in any market. With owned data centers, technology, and component outsourcing options, we offer the industry’s most flexible outsourcing solutions. LEARN MORE