Asset Management

Today’s investors in Mortgage REITs and other residential loan instruments demand confidence that they are getting the full return on their investments. Many are not satisfied with the accounting calculations provided by the primary mortgage servicing company. They want independent calculations by a third party with the technology and expertise to provide accurate tracking of every loan in the REIT’s portfolio.

Utilizing SS&C Precision LM™ and other world-class SS&C loan accounting technology, SS&C provides comprehensive residential loan shadowing services that guarantee that the REIT’s investors receive monthly activity tape that has all the accurate calculations guaranteed by one of the industry’s most experienced Mortgage REIT and loan servicing accounting teams. These reports detail new and existing loans, including which loans received payments or prepayments, which loans were paid off, and which loans were delinquent. Once all the REIT’s Loans, including terms, are entered into our Precision LM system, we can easily compare our calculations with the information the mortgage servicing company is telling the REIT and its investors, and immediately identify any discrepancies right down to the level of an individual loan.

Solutions for Mortgage REITs

Agency and non-agency MBS accounting and reporting platform
Streamline and automate the processing of complex structured securities with our comprehensive multi-asset class portfolio management and accounting solutions. We fully support GAAP treatments such as ASC 310-30, 320, 325 and 835 in a transparent and auditable manner. LEARN MORE

Mortgage loans platform
SS&C’s loan platform is specifically designed to support institutional investment portfolios that invest in an array of residential and commercial mortgages. LEARN MORE

mREIT accounting and reporting services
Benefit from a comprehensive, full-service offering tailored to the specialized accounting and reporting needs of mREITs. Our dedicated accounting resources have extensive experience supporting the financial reporting needs of publicly traded firms that invest in agency and non-agency Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), CMBS, mortgage loans, Mortgage Servicing Rights(MSR), repos, and derivatives. LEARN MORE