Client Testimonials

We work with firms across a spectrum of sizes, mandates, geographies and client bases. As you consider the challenges that lie ahead for your firm, our client testimonials offer unique insights into how you can streamline operations, control cost, minimize risk and deliver excellent service to your clients.

Reich & Tang Converts to PORTIA for Seamless Middle-to-Back Office Support

Since its inception in 1974, Reich & Tang has developed a specialization in the investment of short-term liquid assets through a family of money market funds and similar portfolios. When faced with the need to consolidate their accounting platforms, they looked to SS&C PORTIA for multi-currency support, powerful compliance tools, and flexible calculation and reporting utility.

PORTIA Provides Full Outsourcing Services to Leading Registered Investment Advisor

This New York-based Registered Investment Advisor selected SS&C’s world-class outsourcing services to save time spent on operational tasks, increase scalability, and improve data security. The result is a lasting partnership that has enabled the RIA to focus on strategic priorities while growing the business.

Sanlam Private Investments Chooses PORTIA to Support Global Growth

Since its founding in 1999, SPI has experienced rapid growth, expanding its footprint to provide services in Australia, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Switzerland and other European markets. In search of a platform to meet their increasingly sophisticated needs, they chose SS&C PORTIA for best-in-class support for global securities, comprehensive multi-currency capabilities, and a powerful reporting engine.

SS&C Anova Reduces Operating Costs and Improves Efficiency of Large Investment Manager’s Global Operations

SS&C Anova’s 24x7 processing helps a large investment manager overcome operational inefficiencies, decrease downtime, and improve performance analytics.

FirstSouthwest Asset Management Chooses CAMRA to Enhance Accounting and Reporting Capabilities

FirstSouthwest’s Asset Management division works closely with governmental entities nationwide to deliver expertise across investment management, arbitrage rebate compliance services, and state government investment pools. When seeking a solution to help automate their operational processes while preserving their unique reporting and compliance needs, they settled on SS&C’s powerful CAMRA platform.

PORTIA Simplifies Operations for UK Asset Manager

A long-time client of SS&C PORTIA in the United Kingdom, serving both private clients and retail investors with expertise in European and global equities, upgraded to the SS&C PORTIA V11 to realize the benefits of the simple and customizable user interface.

PORTIA Improves Client Services For Financial Services Firm

A privately held, independent financial services firm turned to the SS&C PORTIA Professional Services team to develop and implement a comprehensive and flexible reporting and performance measurement solution. With the Professional Services team, they were able to streamline their current processes and exceed the reporting and data delivery expectations of their clients.

SS&C HiPortfolio Provides Efficient, Scalable Unit Pricing Operations for Top Australian Wealth Management Firm

For over 15 years, SS&C HiPortfolio has supported one of Australia’s leading wealth management groups by providing specialized, integrated and scalable unit pricing capabilities to help them operate efficiently and maintain operational control.