Whitepapers and Reports

As you manage increasing regulatory pressures and growing client expectations, our whitepapers offer structured analysis of key events and opportunities impacting your industry. Our subject matter experts examine the benefits and risks of different approaches to enhance your business, helping you establish a course of action to drive business growth and mitigate risk.

Six Key Technology Challenges Facing Insurance Firm Investment Managers Seeking to Achieve Higher Yields and Lower Risk

Insurance companies are diversifying their investments into non-traditional assets in search of higher yields, while at the same time facing increased regulatory reporting requirements and transparency demands. Can their legacy in-house portfolio accountings systems keep up with these trends? This paper outlines six key challenges for insurance investment operations in this changing environment – all reasons why it might be time to consider partnering with a technology and services provider to stay ahead of the game.

Developing Operational Models for Wealth Managers That Enable Flexibility, Scalability and Profitability Growth

Are traditional service models enough to capture and maintain loyalty from rising demands for investors and meet regulatory demand for transparency? This paper takes a look at how wealth management firms can maintain and grow their client base, respond to regulatory demand, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage using operational technology.

Now Is the Time to Invest in Technology that Enables Growth And Performance

Asset managers are competing more so than ever on a global scale and are seeking alpha from new sources. The challenge for most is that their operational infrastructure lacks flexibility to efficiently on board new volumes of data and complex new data sets. This paper examines how investment managers can prepare their business for growth and differentiate themselves in a globally competitive marketplace using technology that can scale as their business evolves.

Paradigm Shift – The Cloud’s Role in Asset Management

Legacy technology and processes have hindered asset managers’ ability to respond to regulatory requirements quickly. In the last ten years, we have witnessed the cloud emerge as a viable alternative to installed software. Is the investment management industry ready for its adoption?

Why You Should Consider an IBOR

The importance of having a firm grip on exposures across all systems has become a top of mind issue for investment managers. This paper explores the benefits of having the right structures in place to manage counterparty exposure, cash, trades and positions to present a “single version of the truth” across enterprise stakeholders.

What’s it Worth? The True Value of a Client Reporting Solution

Today’s sophisticated investors demand insight to their investment performance in near time. Investment managers who have invested in multi-channel reporting solutions will reap the rewards of client trust and loyalty to your service, reduced costs and streamlined operations. This paper takes a deeper look at the costs and benefits of a client reporting solution.

The Unit Pricing Challenge

Increasing complexity from multi-national assets, multiple valuation points, exotic asset types and fund structures, and changes driven by the global wave of new regulation are causing investment managers to re-evaluate the way that they run unit pricing. Learn more about the best practices you can employ to automate this critical process.

Outsourcing Services: Beyond Hosting

Gathering counterparty data, processing and disseminating information to meet the complex, global needs of their business is a resource intensive, costly process for most investment management firms. As investment management firms seek to streamline key processes, reduce operational risk, and cost, outsourcing is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Read this paper to understand the differences between hosting and outsourcing to find out which is the right option for your business.

Middle and Back Office Outsourcing: A Guide for Front Line CFOs

CFOs are under mounting pressure to do more with less. Many have to balance fewer resources, smaller margins, and pressures to cut cost while driving strategic activity. Outsourcing can help CFOs drive efficiency without the costs and resources typically involved with in-house technology deployments. This paper is a primer in outsourcing for CFOs who are interested in boosting productivity and lowering costs.

Outsourcing Client Statement Generation: Components of Client Statement Outsourcing

Generating client statements is vital to maintaining your client relationships. Yet, compiling all of the data across a multitude of systems to create a holistic view of client accounts can consume many operational teams for weeks. Read about how outsourcing client statement generation can help your firm redeploy resource focus, reduce operational risk and increase your speed to reaching your clients.

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Outsourcing Provider

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has grown substantially in recent years as many firms seek to lower costs, improve efficiency and generate better results for their operations. Selecting the right partner to outsource with is a critical business decision that requires careful thought. Here are a few tips that we have put together to guide you through the process of selecting the right outsourcing partner.

Automation and Integration of Bank Debt Processing

The syndicated bank loan market has matured very rapidly into a significant, attractive sector for fixed income investors of all types such as institutional and long/short managers. Their complexity, however, warrants an integrated system to track and process income, fees, principal payments, and re-pricing information. Read more about how to streamline new processing requirements with automated solutions.