Component Outsourcing

SS&C’s component outsourcing services give you the flexibility to select which parts of the middle-to-back office you want to outsource. We work with you to gain an understanding of your unique needs and determine where you can benefit most from outsourcing. You define the desired level of service, support and processing criteria and we execute the functions to help you maximize returns.


Trade Operations

Efficient trade operations depend on a system of streamlined communications and consolidated settlement information. SS&C’s trade operations’ personnel provide trade confirmation, reconciliation and settlement services, interfacing and linking with investment managers, broker dealers and custodians through our global post-trade communication network. Our straight-through processing allows you to have complete control over your entire trading process without losing your visibility into every trade.


With the increased complexity of investment portfolios, your external stakeholders require transparency and accuracy into investment information more than ever. You need information that is secure, accurate and auditable. Putting your trust in SS&C’s outsourcing professionals to comply with the current rules and regulations, will reduce risk and inspire confidence with both clients and regulators.

Data Management

Massive amounts of critical investment data run through your systems every day, but is your infrastructure capable of providing you with the timely information you need to make the right business decisions? The time and costs associated with implementing the technological infrastructure required for effective data management are not within scope for many organizations. Relying on SS&C’s data management services will help you gain a holistic view of your investment data that covers all functional areas, business lines and geographies.


As settlement cycles shrink and trading volumes grow, your middle and back office can quickly become overwhelmed with daily and intraday reconciliation. This routine operational task can be time-intensive and without managing your resources efficiently, you face the risk of errors and delays. SS&C’s reconciliation and exception management outsourcing service frees up your resources to focus on your core competencies, putting you at a competitive advantage. We take care of the entire reconciliation process while giving you complete visibility and peace of mind.

Performance Measurement and Attribution

As you grow and diversify your investment strategies to include new geographies and asset classes, you may be spreading your middle office thin. These changes require you to have an accurate view of your performance but timely generation of reports with a nuanced understanding of new markets, regulations, and strategies can be a challenge. SS&C’s performance outsourcing service frees up your resources and allows you to focus on understanding your returns and improving your investment decision-making process. LEARN MORE


Investment Accounting

Investment accounting is the cornerstone of your business but keeping pace with evolving investment strategies and changing markets can divert your resources from areas of your business that drive growth. We have been leaders in investment accounting since 1986 and have the scale, expertise, and cutting edge technology to meet the accounting needs of any firm. Our investment accounting services extend beyond your back office by providing the timely insights and delivery of investment data that empower your front office to make better investment decisions and enable your middle office to ensure continuous data integrity. LEARN MORE


Clients, regulators, and internal stakeholders require granular insight faster than ever before. Getting the right data to the right people at the right time is a perennial time and resource challenge. SS&C’s client and regulatory reporting service allows you provide first class client communications while reducing the overhead typically associated with running and producing reports. The service combines our experienced staff with best of breed reporting technology to help you better meet all of your reporting needs. LEARN MORE

Client Administration

Providing exceptional client service is the cornerstone of your business, but it is easy to become burdened by manual administrative tasks. SS&C’s professionals can take the legwork out of generating client reports, managing account changes, billing and other client-related administrative responsibilities, giving you more time to focus on the client facing activities that you do best.