Investment Accounting Outsourcing

Investment accounting is the cornerstone of your business but keeping pace with evolving investment strategies and changing markets can divert your resources from areas of your business that drive growth. We have been leaders in investment accounting since 1986 and have the scale, expertise, and cutting edge technology to meet the accounting needs of any firm. Our investment accounting services extend beyond your back office by providing the timely insights and delivery of investment data that empower your front office to make better investment decisions and enable your middle office to ensure continuous data integrity.


Global asset coverage
From equities, fixed income, collateralized obligations, variable rates, and inflation indexed securities to the processing of swaps, syndicated loans, Murahaba investments and Shariah compliant listed securities, we provide true global asset coverage for accuracy and completeness.

Regulatory compliance
We continuously track and proactively update our software and processes to ensure that you are compliant with accounting regulations in the regions you operate in. You can rely on our expertise and on-the-ground presence in 46 global offices to keep pace with evolving market developments.

Multiple accounting methodologies
We offer a global view across accounting bases, including GAAP, IFRS and many local accounting standards and their associated tax logic.