Performance Measurement and Attribution Outsourcing

As you grow and diversify your investment strategies to include new geographies and asset classes, you may be spreading your middle office too thinly. These changes require you to have an accurate view of your performance but also necessitate the timely generation of reports with a nuanced understanding of new markets, regulations, and strategies. This can be a challenge for organizations. SS&C’s performance outsourcing service frees up your resources and allows you to focus on understanding your returns and improving your investment decision-making processes.


Increased efficiency
We can manage the complete performance measurement and attribution process for you. Our service will collect and consolidate all third party data, run key performance return and attribution calculations, automate composite maintenance and calculation for GIPS compliance, and provide reporting through a variety of different channels for a number of diverse stakeholders.

Trusted expertise and independence
Our service is underpinned by a dedicated, global team of performance professionals with extensive experience working with investment managers during project and production cycles. SS&C’s performance outsourcing service is truly independent. We own and operate all of our technology and do not transfer any of our outsourcing responsibilities to third parties.

Feel confident in our data security
We have an unrivalled commitment to and investment in data security. SS&C provides a 24x7x365 global processing infrastructure with three primary data centers (UK, USA and Canada), each with separate back-up and business continuity facilities.