Full Outsourcing

SS&C offers complete outsourcing for the middle-to-back office with seamless integration into your operating model. Our outsourcing team supports over $1 trillion in assets and is a global leader in technology with deep industry expertise. We have seasoned staff with operational experience across a range of industries including asset management, wealth management, insurance, mortgage REITs, loan management, and third party administration. Because our technology is owned, we can customize how we serve our business and adapt to any changes as your needs evolve.


Diverse expertise
We have decades of experience in developing technology and providing services for portfolio accounting, reconciliation, performance measurement, client reporting, data management and other key functions of the middle-to-back office. Our experts understand your business and know how to empower your team with the right tools and services to gain a competitive edge.

Proven solutions
For nearly 30 years, we have been an industry leader in financial technology with continuous investment in our technology and people. Our software and services are trusted by over 7000 clients worldwide to meet their middle-to-back office operational requirements.

Completely customizable
We know there is no one-size-fits all solution. Our technology is proprietary and our services are flexible, allowing you to utilize an outsourcing model that is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Reduced costs
You compete in a crowded market so you do not have the luxury to invest in resources that will be under-utilized. Outsourcing with SS&C helps you cut down on overheads and easily manage costs by scaling up or down with your business needs.


Asset managers

Our seasoned team of professionals has provided middle-to-back office outsourcing services to asset managers for over 15 years. Serving as an extension of your organization and leveraging our powerful software platforms, we provide tailored, objective solutions to meet the operational needs of global investment managers. Rely on our team to manage your operations so that you can focus on your core mission of managing investments.

Wealth managers

As a leading outsourcing provider for wealth managers, you can depend on our experts to provide end-to-end solutions to assist with highly complex, transaction-driven accounting and regulatory reporting requirements. Our services are available on a reliable and secure platform that is capable of meeting all your process, security and regulatory needs.

Insurance firms

Insurers are dealing with increased investment complexity, growing regulatory constraints, and the need to deliver better performance. We use our knowledge, vision and industry best practices to provide our insurance clients with the operational support they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. We actively manage the entire investment process for all insurance entities and asset classes, from maintaining connectivity with your asset managers, custodians, and counterparties to daily automated reconciliation and resolution.

Mortgage REITs

With more than 40 percent of mREIT assets managed on an SS&C solution, you can be assured that our mREIT outsourcing specialists understand the unique environment in which you operate. We offer tailored and customizable outsourcing solutions to support the specialized accounting and reporting needs of mREITs. SS&C mREIT experts will work closely with you to identify the operational decisions that will enable you to effectively and accurately meet your financial accounting and reporting obligations.

Lenders and servicers

Building and maintaining the infrastructure, resources and operational expertise necessary to manage the on-going data, accounting and reporting requirements for a growing portfolio of loans can be costly and time-intensive. SS&C’s comprehensive and flexible loan accounting services are provided by a dedicated outsourcing team who will actively manage the entire operational lifecycle of your loans, from maintaining connectivity with your servicers through automated reconciliation, accounting and reporting.

Third party administrators

As a third-party administrator (TPA), you need cutting edge technology and services to help you manage the complexities of servicing multiple clients’ operational requirements. We are a leading provider of outsourcing solutions for TPAs with broad instrument coverage and an unrivalled depth of transaction processing to manage the full investment transaction lifecycle from trade capture, investment accounting and fund administration, cash management, reconciliation, corporate actions processing, unit pricing and taxation through to performance measurement and attribution.


Syndicated Bank Loans

In their search for returns and diversification, institutional investors are turning to syndicated bank loans as an alternative to traditional investments and a key element of their investment strategy. SS&C’s scalable middle and back office loan processing service offers our clients increased efficiency in support of this specialized asset class. We offer a full lifecycle service integrated with risk analysis, accounting and reporting eliminating the need for manual processes.

Limited Partnerships

While traditional asset types comprise the bulk of most institutional investors’ portfolios, the search for yield has drawn many investors to non-traditional investments, including Limited Partnerships (LPs). Without an adequate system to support the structure and terms of this asset class, these investments are often kept outside the investment accounting system, resulting in weakened controls and reporting capabilities. Relieve the complexity and operational risk of accounting for LPs by relying on SS&C’s systems and expertise to deal with the unique challenges of LP investing.

Residential and Commercial Loans

Building and maintaining the infrastructure, resources and operational expertise necessary to manage the on-going data, accounting and reporting requirements for a growing portfolio of loans can be costly, time intensive and operationally burdensome. SS&C provides flexible solutions that enable investment organizations to focus on their core competencies and outsource non-core or complex activities, in line with their capacity, expertise and business objectives.