Hosting Services

Each business day you face the challenges of gathering, processing, and disseminating information to meet the complex needs of your business. If your IT infrastructure is not set up to handle the fluctuating inflows and outflows of investment data, you open your firm up to operational risk or under-utilized resources. As a leading hosting provider, we provide secure, remote access to your applications, manage your hardware and software infrastructure, and monitor your operating environment and connectivity so you can worry less about your technology and focus on what matters for your business.


Complete scalability
We understand the importance of a scalable infrastructure as your organization grows. Our high capacity data centers can meet the needs of any organization. Clients only pay for the capacity used, so it saves costs while setting up businesses for future growth.

Automation for operational efficiency
We can create and automate “batch processes” for you using our powerful automation tools tailored to take into account time zone differences, local processing requirements, regional holiday calendars and more. These batch processes are defined with clear triggers, and SS&C experts monitor every process to ensure that operations run seamlessly.

Advanced integration capabilities
We use advanced integration capabilities to gather data from all third parties, validate data and help identify data gaps. Once all data has been seamlessly integrated, our automated start-of-day process provides positions to the client’s order management system and any other systems necessary, in whatever format is required.

Owned data centers
We own our expandable data center facilities to provide application hosting and operational support for thousands of customers worldwide. With security and problem management controls certified under Service Organization Control (SOC 1) in accordance with SSAE No. 16 and the ISAE 3402 and SSAE16/ CSAE 3416, you can be assured of your data’s security.

Managed services
Our secure data centers are owned and managed by SS&C with 24x7 staffing and monitoring. We offer on-site and remote desktop support, automation services, database administration and data management guidance and expertise.

Business continuity
Our data centers are strategically located and configured to seamlessly meet the disaster recovery and data management needs of our clients. Our leading edge co-location infrastructure has redundancies in the case of power outage, fire, network outage, and best-of-breed environmental controls.