A clear view of intraday investment data is critical to executing the right investment strategy with confidence. However, firms with multiple accounting and order management systems have made achieving a “single version of the truth” a challenge.

SS&C provides you with a consolidated view of your positions that can be continuously updated to reflect all events, such as trades, corporate actions, and cash events. Our Investment Book of Record (IBOR) can deliver cash and position forecasts as well as flexible views of positions, valuations and exposures. It supports your investment operations by providing complete visibility and control of position data across all asset classes and geographies.


An intraday view of positions in near real time
Our IBOR solution takes data from any order management or accounting systems and third-party providers to constantly calculate and recalculate positions.

Forward-looking projections and backward-looking analysis
You can look at future views of positions based on all known information and analyze earlier investment decisions with our historical data store.

Data visualization
Our dashboards allow you to choose which positions to analyze by any entity, geography, asset class, or counterparty. You can also drill down from the position to the underlying transactions to see which trading events make up the positions. Customized reports can be run ad-hoc or scheduled for specific times of the day.