Investment Data Management

You need a complete view of data across the enterprise to support better investment decisions. With growing demands for timeliness and granularity from investment professionals, clients, regulators and other stakeholders, antiquated data management technology and practices can not keep pace. SS&C’s investment data management solutions consolidate, aggregate, enrich, and store data from a wide variety of sources for easy consumption and tight operational control.


Scalable, robust data store
Our underlying data model is able to consume a broad range of investment data types, including market, reference, investment, and analytics data from multiple sources. In addition, we support asset classes from simple equities and loans to complex derivatives and OTC securities.

Integration across markets, vendors, and infrastructures
We make data access and input simple. Our 190+ APIs enable quick integration into any environment and can interface with a wide range of source systems and support a broad range of enterprise integration approaches.

Data visualization and reporting
Intuitive, web-based dashboards make viewing and customizing reports and data views easy across the front-to-back office. We also provide a suite of reports that can be run individually, ad-hoc, or generated in bulk to provide a “point in time” snapshot of information.