Market Data Services

Collecting, cleansing, and consolidating data from external sources can be resource intensive and fraught with risk. SS&C’s market data services consolidate global information into a single aggregated feed, eliminating the risk associated with using multiple vendor feeds and giving you access to the right data, at the right time, in the right format.


Superior cost control
SS&C’s market data services gives you access to an extensive network of vendors without the cost and time traditionally associated with managing multiple vendor relationships. Clients benefit from the best-of-breed data providers through a single point of contact with SS&C.

Data acquisition and aggregation
Our acquisition and aggregation service provides a single connectivity point between clients and their and internal systems. SS&C’s market data service has extensive market coverage with over 25 suppliers, allowing us to customize, cleanse and aggregate the data of your choice.

Comprehensive coverage
We manage relationships with leading market data vendors to provide you with extensive data in a single customized feed. Data can be provided both intra-day and end-of-day at the frequency of your choice.

Highly protected data
SS&C’s market data services ensures that the data that we receive and transport is maintained with the highest security. Our data centers are Tier 4 hosting facilities that are Type 2 SSAE16/SOC1 certified and provide business operation continuity and capacity scalability.