Insurance Accounting

Investment accounting processes are integral to your operations and directly affect your bottom line performance. Poor processes can result in compliance breaches, regulatory lapses, operational issues, human error and inaccuracies that can cause serious financial losses while hindering business growth.

The most effective way to mitigate business risks associated with investment accounting is to invest in SS&C’s best-in-class accounting technology. Our market-leading portfolio accounting software streamlines, automates and simplifies the investment process by providing immediate access to accurate decision-making data for trading, portfolio management, securities operations, compliance, accounting and reporting.


Complete customizability
We are fully independent with control over our services and technology, allowing you to tailor your solution to meet your needs. We provide solutions for a broad range of insurance companies from those that manage simple portfolios internally to large, complex firms with multiple third party asset managers across life, P&C, reinsurance, and health verticals.

Extensive asset class support
We offer investment accounting and reporting expertise that supports the most complex asset classes including securities, bank loans, derivatives, commercial mortgage loans, real estate, partnerships, hedge funds, repos, and collateralization.

Comprehensive compliance reporting
We offer extensive National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reporting including schedules D, DB, BA, AVR/IMR and RBC with all necessary disclosures. In addition, we offer extensive “as of” and historic reporting include accounting, tax, management, performance, regulatory, reconciliation, data administration, and technology.

Support for multiple accounting bases
We support multiple simultaneous accounting bases including statutory, GAAP/P-GAAP, IFRS, and tax.

Easy integration
Our investment accounting solution provides easy integration with other back office systems and can connect to single or multiple custodian banks.