Portfolio Accounting

You need powerful accounting functionality and flexibility to support your unique workflows and processing requirements. SS&C’s portfolio accounting solutions help investment managers of all sizes meet regional accounting standards and a wide range of global reporting requirements. Designed as a truly global investment accounting solution, we support the broadest range of asset types from around the world and provide the multi-currency functionality required by the most diverse investment managers.


Global asset coverage
We keep pace with today’s complex and global investment instruments. From equities, fixed and variable rate income instruments, collateralized obligations, and inflation indexed securities to the processing of swaps, syndicated loans, Murabaha investments and Sharia compliant listed securities, we provide true global asset coverage for accuracy and completeness.

Easy generation of client and regulatory reports
We offer industry leading reporting capabilities with presentation quality reports that are customized yet easy to generate. Our enterprise reporting platform allows your team to run on-demand reports and make them available directly to clients in any format required. You can easily report on data from any open database or third party source, providing you and your stakeholders with visibility across your business.

Enhanced data integrity
Our powerful tools for data management provide you with the solutions you need to import, analyze and report on data, while also allowing you to customize workflows and establish operational and audit controls to win your clients’ confidence.

Visualization and analysis of data
Our data visualization tools allow you to quickly arrange information into grid, pivot, or chart views. Investment professionals, such as portfolio managers, can use our solution to conduct analysis such as viewing investment positions in a particular sector across all of their portfolios. For operations teams, we simplify the tasks of managing data by reducing the need to run and maintain a multitude of reports.

Corporate actions processing
Corporate actions processing does not have to be a headache for your back office team. We offer purpose-built technology to handle corporate actions processing so you can meet tight deadlines and mitigate risks associated with manual processes. Our corporate actions solutions can handle a wide range of security types or events in nearly any market.