You need to quickly understand the impact of investment decisions to meet internal and external reporting requirements. However, the increasing complexity of new investment strategies can make it a challenge to formulate a clear view. SS&C’s performance attribution solutions help you uncover the sources of return from active management over the benchmark while providing critical investment insights to the right stakeholders.


Equity attribution
SS&C’s equity attribution solution can measure returns based on industry leading single and multi-currency attribution methodologies. You can customize hierarchies, compare against multiple benchmarks or portfolios and drill down to the individual security level for a complete, tailored view of the decision making process.

Fixed income attribution
SS&C’s fixed income attribution functionality identifies how investment decisions affect the portfolio. Using SS&C solutions, your unique investment strategies can be matched with flexible attribution models for a complete appraisal of fixed income assets.

User-defined attribution
SS&C supports firms that use in-house methods of attribution using a custom defined methodology for fixed income, equity or balanced strategies. An unlimited number of methodologies can be defined, computed and imported into our solutions to accommodate your unique workflows.