Presenting historical performance returns is crucial to achieving compliance with GIPS and satisfying client demands for increased transparency. SS&C streamlines compliance with GIPS by automating the creation, calculation and maintenance of composites. We provide you with a systematic, consistent, and accurate approach to composite analytics, disclosures, and reporting.


Easy composite creation and maintenance
You can automatically manage composite memberships through the addition or removal of portfolios using defined criteria. In addition, our solutions provide you with 24x7 continuous processing to monitor and trigger composite recalculations based on changes to underlying portfolios. We ensure that composites are properly constructed with regular audits using strict controls.

Clear data visualization
We offer web-based data visualization and customized reporting solutions to enhance transparency with key stakeholders. You can easily interpret and analyze composite outliers with our exceptions- based web dashboards.

Client-ready composite booklets
Our tools help you generate client-ready composite booklets with customizable return calculations, firm branding, and appropriate disclosures.