Ex-Post Risk Analysis

To keep up with regulatory and client demands, you need to continuously assess your strategy’s risk and return profile. However, capturing and understanding the risk drivers underlying your strategies can be a massive operational challenge. SS&C’s ex-post risk tools use historical returns to provide a clearer picture of your portfolios, funds or composites’ risk profiles.


Flexible Risk Measures
We let you choose from a range of methods to monitor your risk exposure and extract a consolidated view of the risk/return trade-off. Our solutions offer a selection of over 125 ex-post risk measures and can compute metrics within any user defined sector, country, manager or asset class.

Robust reporting
You can easily respond to client and regulator demands for transparency with our flexible reporting options. We support report production across multiple portfolios, periodicities, and classification structures.

A complete view of performance measurement, attribution, and risk
Our ex-post risk measures are tied into the performance measurement and attribution workflow, protecting data integrity while providing a consistent, streamlined approach that improves the overall portfolio management process.