Performance Measurement

We offer flexible options for you to understand investment performance and comply with GIPS. Our performance solutions automate calculations, provide powerful performance analytics, support a wide array of methodologies, and deliver customized reports. Returns can be calculated in portfolio base and local currencies and reported in any third currency.


Extensive return calculation functionality
We help you gain unparalleled control and flexiblility measuring performance across all asset classes and security types. With flexible calculations over any period, currency, or asset class, our performance measurement solutions can support any investment strategies.

Gain clear visibility into investments
Intricate fund structures make it difficult to understand your true exposure to underlying securities. SS&C supports the ability to drill down through fund of funds and roll up to any classification structure. The solutions provide visibility into underlying assets in any fund structure, down to the individual security.

Scalably support global operations
Growing transaction volumes can be difficult to keep pace with. SS&C’s performance solutions support millions of global customer accounts. We offer continuous processing to service all regions with a “follow the sun” operating model.