Client Reporting

Every interaction with your clients is a chance to strengthen your brand and relationships. Providing your clients with sleek, informative reports helps reinforce your professionalism. SS&C’s comprehensive client reporting solutions help you integrate data from multiple sources, automate report generation and distribute reports through multiple channels to provide clients with unrivalled transparency into their investments.


Simplified data for accurate reporting
Our client reporting solution consolidates data from multiple systems, including your book of record data for accounting, performance data and information from other systems. Your data can be immediately integrated across all formats, databases and operating systems, reducing errors and processing times.

Automated statement production
Our automated solution brings unrivalled efficiency to statement production, removing time-consuming and error prone manual processes. You can easily input data from your portfolio management, CRM, performance measurement and other investment systems and build professional statements that include graphs, charts, photos, personalized commentary, and a dynamically generated table of contents.

Flexible delivery
We enable you to efficiently produce customized reports in various formats including PDFs, presentations, web-formatted reports or hard copy reports. You can define workflows for report distribution and automate the delivery preferences for each client. We support numerous report delivery methods, including email, hard copy mailing, and delivery via mobile devices and web portals.