Regulatory Reporting

Emerging regulation can have a huge impact on how you conduct your business and if you are not able to quickly adapt and produce comprehensive regulatory reports for each market in which you operate in, you are putting your business at risk. SS&C is a trusted industry player, involved in the formation of new regulation so we can help you anticipate changes before they hit. We provide expert guidance and the tools needed to support your regulatory reporting process while reducing operational risk.


Streamlined data management
To keep up with regulation, you need to be able to pull the right information about holdings, transactions and investors at the right time. Our flexible reporting solutions take data “where it lies” in your book of record for accounting, performance and other systems and automates key processes to facilitate quick report generation to respond to regulatory inquiries.

Flexible reporting options
We offer automated reporting to meet a wide range of global requirements, including:

  • Solvency II
  • ORSA
  • Form PF
  • CPO-PQR requirements
  • Form 13F
  • Open Protocol
  • APRA
  • EMIR
  • Dodd-Frank
  • NAIC
  • CRM II

On-the-ground expertise
With the industry’s most tenured experts, we keep a pulse on market developments and upcoming regulations to help you implement fully compliant global investment strategies.