Risk Management

Today’s client demands transparent risk reporting, and as your portfolios become more complex, you need the right operational processes to handle new asset classes. SS&C offers a tightly-controlled, automated, and integrated risk management solution, enabling you to control your costs while maintaining compliance.


Extensive risk management tools
Benefit from advanced risk management tools for all asset classes, products and strategies, with highly customizable web visualization. With a full suite of Value-at-Risk analysis, a wide range of risk sensitivities, and comprehensive stress testing, you can rely on SS&C to help you better understand and mitigate risk.

An integrated ASP service
Receive seamless access to our web-based risk management processing, with no infrastructure overhead, reducing costs while ensuring integrity.

Dedicated risk team
Our expert risk team provides training and 24x7 support to a wide variety of investment firms globally, ensuring you always have access to best practice advice as your operations evolve.