Modeling and Trading

Your clients may be high touch but your managed account programs do not need to be. SS&C’s portfolio management solutions make modeling and rebalancing portfolios for multiple mandates easy. We help you choose and allocate the right assets across any security or currency and automatically send orders to the trading desk. With easy-to-use tools for viewing different scenarios, integrated compliance checks, complete modeling flexibility, and powerful order management solutions, we simplify even the most complex trades.


Complete flexibility
Our modeling tools enable you to streamline management of thousands of accounts using a wide range of global currencies and trading strategies.

“What if” analysis
You can view the impact of future trade decisions on numerous attributes and simulate changes to portfolios and immediately view the impact of decisions on security weights, holdings, asset allocation, gain/loss analysis, currency exposure and user-defined security analytics.

Integrated investment risk management
Our powerful stochastic simulation engine develops a rich set of actionable investment information with tools for exposure analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, stress tests, historical scenario analysis, and more.

Operational efficiency and risk control
Our order management system is fully-integrated into your operations, with straight-through-processing to all major custodians and middle and back office systems. You can completely automate the trading process from order creation to auditing, ensuring tight risk controls and compliance at every stage of the trading cycle.

Efficient asset allocation
We help you create multiple asset allocation strategies over a variety of security classification structures, combine asset allocation with security models to generate blended models, and simultaneously update portfolios and asset allocations. With integrated pre-trade compliance, you can automatically generate orders to your trading platform with confidence in executing the right strategies.