Post-Trade Communications

If you are feeling the pressure of shorter settlement cycles and round-the-clock trading, you are not alone. Accurate and timely trade confirmation and settlement can be a massive operational challenge. You need seamless integration with counterparties, a sound exceptions management process, and the ability to quickly repair or correct invalid information.

We automate the sending and receiving of post-trade data through our global post-trade communication network that links investment managers, broker dealers, custodians, and interested parties. Our solution eliminates multiple direct connections to counterparties with a single point of access enabling sending and receiving parties to quickly process and resolve discrepancies. Hosted by SS&C and available worldwide on a 24x7 basis, we have provided and operated a post-trade communications network with proven performance and reliability since 1991.


Integration with other networks
Our highly secure platform provides a single point of access to connect you directly to settlement counterparties on the network as well as third party communications networks, central depositories, and third party FX matching services.

Settlement instructions on the fly
We provide an integrated Delivery Instructions Database (DIDB™) that lets parties store and pre-define standing settlement instructions for all of their counterparties and instrument types.

Broad asset class coverage
Our network supports any number of instrument types including: equity, fixed income, money market, FX, term deposits, cash transfers, futures and options.

Straight-through processing
Our ability to support straight-through-processing allows you to more efficiently communicate with custodians, broker dealers and other interested parties to settle trades. We process post-trade data in industry standard or proprietary formats and code conventions.

Real-time messaging system
We automate communication to identify trade discrepancies in real-time with XML architecture as well as local and central matching capabilities.

Zero hardware software installation
We can take a transaction feed directly from your trading or accounting platform, offering a quick implementation and low IT footprint for post trade communications with your counterparties.

Business continuity
We maintain business continuity plans that would take effect in the event of a catastrophe. Our business continuity centre and alternate data and operations facility are both part of our standard post-trade service offering.