Leading investment managers around the world rely on our reconciliations solutions to retrieve, capture, validate, match and reconcile their data. We automate and streamline workflow to control the reconciliation process and improve operational efficiency. With management oversight and reconciliation reporting to provide full visibility into cash, holdings, transactions, trial balances and security masters, you can shift your focus from time-intensive reconciliation tasks to managing critical exceptions and organizational risk.


Exceptions-based approach
Our approach allows you to deal with your breaks, in priority order, instead of wading through pages of exceptions to find the issues. We find them for you, identify the type of breaks and assign them to the appropriate person or team, and shepherd them through the firm

Risk management across the enterprise
We offer tools to conduct auto exception routing, achieve ownership and assignment of breaks, control management escalation, and audit/report the entire cycle. Our intelligent solutions help you dig deeper into your data to quickly investigate underlying causes of breaks, make adjustments for corrections, and track and audit the resolution path.

Easy-to-use dashboards
Our management dashboards provide a single, centralized view of critical data. The dashboards are customizable by role, allowing you to maximize productivity and manage operational risk across the entire organization.

Support for cash reconciliation
Cash reconciliation at a point-in-time (proof) or point-to-point (roll) make it easy to identify when and where the break occurred, and whether you can expect it to correct itself.

Integrated data gathering
We save you time and increase data effectiveness by aggregating custodian and prime broker data on your behalf and feeding it directly into your reconciliation engine.