Custom Course Development

The SS&C Learning Institute can help you capture, structure and publish company-specific educational materials. We can help you tie specific courses to an overall learning program by providing standard learning paths appropriate to your area of financial services, or we can perform more in-depth analyses and create competency models, custom curricula and individualized course mappings.

With our custom-course development you receive:

  • Development of custom content. If you need content specific to your business, we can analyze your needs and build custom content into our proven course architecture.
  • Custom branding. You can customize courses by including corporate logos, colors and images, and modify layout to complement your company website or other corporate material.
  • Customized assessments. You can incorporate tests that are consistent with your competency goals and compliance requirements. Customized assessments measure and assess the initial level of competency of your employees, provide efficient-self-directed training for employees, and affirm that the expected level of competency is reached.
  • Assessment tracking and recording system. Managers can access valuable information, such as which areas require general remediation, and ensure each employee meets your organization's competency level goal.