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SS&C Learning Institute MBA Essentials

Emphasizing academic rigor and core business knowledge, this program is designed to develop the crucial leadership, critical thinking, and analytical skills demanded in today’s global business arena.

SS&C Learning Institute MBA Essentials program is comprised of seven courses creating a comprehensive professional development series covering the critical subject areas in finance. This step-by-step series takes you through the essential skills new MBA students require and managers and other professionals need to stay competitive in today’s business world. The learning experience has been expressly designed to prepare students to tackle even the most complex business issues. SS&C Learning Institute MBA Essentials provides the strong foundation needed to secure future success for MBA students and business professionals alike.

Business Finance

Two courses, Finance Essentials I & II, provide an introduction to corporate finance and give a solid grounding in the issues facing an organization’s financial manager.

Finance Essentials I
Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Through the story of a fictional retailer [N-Style] in a real-world simulation, students explore the importance of time value of money, short-term financing, and the use of discounted cash flow [DCF] analysis to value a company. Finance Essentials will enable students to define the time value of Money, calculate present and future value, perform calculations using the techniques of compounding and discounting, identify short-term financing opportunities in financial markets, and perform a valuation using a DCF analysis.

Finance Essentials II
Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Again, using a real-world simulation of the fictional retailer N-Style, students explore the dynamics of choosing appropriate long-term investments for a company, raising capital to finance those investments, and managing business risk. Upon completion of Financial Essentials II, students will be able to describe the qualitative and quantitative process for judging possible investments, perform a Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return analysis, list the characteristics of capital market instruments, explain the process of raising funds by issuing debt, and define the different types of business risk.

Accounting, Economics, and Math

Developed in collaboration with the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, these courses are designed to develop the crucial leadership, critical thinking, and analytic skills demanded in today’s global business arena.

Accounting Essentials
Duration: 3 hours

Understanding how various transactions impact the accounting equation and how to create and read financial statements enables learners to manage more effectively and to become more informed investors. Accounting Essentials provides a command of the fundamentals of financial accounting by applying two methodologies – the Accounting Equation and the T account method – to 11 representative transactions. Students learn experientially, via a simulation based on a real-world situation. First, they grasp the underlying concepts, then progress to posting accounts for key transactions. Finally, a range of financial statements is created to reflect the impact of each transaction.

Business Math Boot Camp
Duration: 8 – 9 hours

This course is designed to establish a strong foundation in basic math skills. These skills have been proven not only to be vital for success in any MBA program, but essential to effectiveness in any business discipline. Business Math Boot Camp will teach you to use visual models like the probability tree; how to apply the technique of probabilistic modeling to real-life situations; analyze numerical data using a variety of techniques; describe the concepts underlying supply and demand curves; recognize and quantify risk; and explain the time value of money concepts, including compounding and discounting. Areas covered, Include:

  • Visual Models and Probabilities
  • Decision Modeling
  • Forecasting Based on History
  • Evaluating Forecasts
  • Decisions Based on Net Present Value
  • Real World Applications

Calculus Essentials
Duration: 1 - 2 hours

This course will familiarize the student with calculus. It starts with the idea of limit and ends with derivative functions. It also includes an application of limit in finance: continuous compounding. Upon completing this course, students will be able to define limit, discuss continuous compounding (an application of limit in finance), study the tangent problem to understand the definition of the derivative, know what functions are differentiable and the derivative of a function through exercises, and discuss higher-order derivatives and partial derivatives.

Microeconomics Essentials
Duration: 5 hours

Microeconomics Essentials lays the foundation for strategic decision-making by providing an understanding of the primary issues and factors that affect business choices. Students gain an understanding of fundamental concepts and models like demand curves, price elasticity, marginal revenue and costs, and various market structures. This will enable them to analyze costs, determine the optimum quantity and price, apply game theory to analyze a competitor’s actions and formulate a strategic response.

Statistics Essentials
Duration: 4 – 5 hours

The basic concepts of statistics and probabilities are central to analyzing data and making effective business decisions. Statistics Essentials explores the fundamental principles and techniques of both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. A mastery of these concepts will allow the student to calculate mean, variance, and standard deviation and use these measures analytically; apply fundamental concepts of a normal probability distribution; standardize a normal distribution to facilitate comparison between population samples; apply sampling distribution to assess a population’s statistics; construct and use hypothesis testing; understand how to test for differences between two populations, and how to use regression analysis.

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