Programs for your Company

The SS&C Learning Institute works with your company to develop custom integrated learning paths that identify which courses and tools best meet the learning needs of your employees and in what sequence they should be applied. We consider a wide range of employee factors and your organization’s learning objectives before recommending the courses, resources and custom elements that are right for your learners. The result is a package of custom learning paths.

Sample Learning Paths

Investment Banking Learning Path

SS&C Learning Institute can help you become a well-trained professional who understands concepts such as discounted cash flow, net present value and internal rate of return. We can help you grasp all of the financing options available to your clients, including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and leveraged buy-outs. Our courses include fixed income products, equities and the methodologies necessary for equity valuations, initial public offerings, and leveraged buy-outs.

Commercial & Retail Banking Learning Path

For consumer banks, we offer courses that range from basic deposit accounts to small business banking to investment services. Whether for managers or new recruits, the right training is essential. At the SS&C Learning Institute, we can teach you how to give effective referrals, understand credit products for small business and consumers, understand trust services, and create a strong relationship with customers.

For commercial bankers, we offer a comprehensive curriculum covering credit and ratio analysis (using risk measuring tools such as Monte Carlo simulation and VAR) and derivative products. Our relationship management curriculum offers customer acquisition, customer retention and cross selling with the bank's product specialist (leasing, investments, cash management, succession planning).

Wealth Management Learning Path

Our courses provide financial advisors and those who support the advisory function with a wide variety of courses that help enhance the advisor/client relationship. Learn how to manage client expectations, talk to clients about bonds, equities and asset allocation, and develop a solid understanding of credit products and how to spot opportunities for providing clients with the financing they need. Our course paths include comprehensive course curriculums and tools that best meet the learning objectives of your employees.

Insurance & Financial Planning Learning Path

At SS&C Learning Institute, we offer a wide array of courses that are designed especially for financial advisors, corporate finance professionals and investment managers. Whether it's cross-training an experienced employee or developing programs for new hires, the right training is essential. Our course paths include paths consist of a comprehensive course curriculums and tools that best meet the learning objectives of your employees.

We can help your team to effectively discuss stocks, bonds and alternative investments, develop overall asset allocation strategies with clients, or learn how to invest the firms' assets wisely. As the financial services world grows ever more complicated, we can also help your employees understand the human side of investing and how to manage their clients' expectations.

For financial planners, we offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the fixed income and securities markets. For professionals in your investment, real estate and finance groups, our capital markets curriculum has something for learners of all levels, offering comprehensive programs in fixed income, equities, risk management, derivative products and accounting.

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