Technology & Research

At the SS&C Learning Institute, we believe it is critical to measure the effectiveness of our courses. Every course is packaged with a pre-test and a final test, so you have a tangible way to prove whether the course met its stated learning objectives. We have also used a variety of other methods to demonstrate efficacy and learning retention. Thanks to our partnership with NERVANIX and its advances in neuroscience and adaptive learning, we can actually measure and improve the attention score earned by each page in a course, and get hard data on how well we meet our goal of providing the highest quality and most effective financial services industry learning on the market today.

NERVANIX is an exciting company in the educational technology sector that applies the groundbreaking advances in the field of neuroscience to improve attention and focus in order to optimize student engagement and achievement. The technology is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional learning models by applying the concept of Attention Adaptivity™ to the pedagogy of teaching and learning. Using state-of-the-art EEG technology, NERVANIX measures attention levels of learners, both in real time as well as longitudinally, and uses that information to enable learners to self-monitor their studying and learning, and teachers to adapt their teaching methods to effectively reach struggling learners. NERVANIX helps digital learning applications to adapt to the individual learner, and learning platforms align and match appropriate learning objects to individual learners based upon attention profiles.