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About Us

SS&C Technologies BV is the strategic partner of many financial institutions

We work with our customers to improve business processes and efficiency and risk mitigation of securities administrations.

We do so by providing software solutions, consultancy, outsourcing and training. Particularly process optimization is key to our services.

SS&C’s consultants are experienced and have a practical knowledge of the environment in which you conduct your business. This expertise is reflected in our wide range of software solutions, but also in our consultancy and training advice.

SS&C was founded in 1986 and has more than 10,000 customers worldwide, of which more than 50 in The Netherlands.

Expertises of SS&C: 

Our Clients
Our Clients

Who is who
Within SS&C a number of people are involved in our training business. Our Learning Consultant Annette Licht can be contacted via 020-620 6921 or via e-mail

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