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Altair Basic Training

This course is developed to give new Altair users knowledge and understanding of the most basic functionalities. It is a very broad and superficial training for back- and mid-office employees spread over two days.

Altair Advanced Training

In addition to Altair’s Basic Training, we can develop tailor made courses, based on Altair modules. This for example emphasizes the specific client workflow or develops a roadmap to optimize the workflow.

24/7 Automation Suite

Interested in automation of Altair functionalities? Join our 24/7 Automation Suite training and learn to setup, configure and maintain 24/7 tasks to ease your daily operations.

Altair Application Management

Responsible for the installation and upgrade of Altair? SS&C offers a training on client site to get in-depth knowledge of the client and server installation processes including upgrades of new Altair releases.

Practical issues:
Costs: Altair Basic training is free of charge for Altair clients and can be scheduled on request. The other three trainings are tailor made.
Register: For registration please send an e-mail to Annette Licht: ALicht@sscinc.com
Questions: Please contact Annette Licht at +31 (0)20-6206921

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