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Balancing the Trade

Specialized and practical accounting training

Accounting within the securities industry is a specialized skill due the specific general ledger rules. Familiar with the securities industry but lack of required finesses or willing to improve your knowledge?

SS&C Technologies BV offers to fill this gap with ‘Balancing the Trade’. This training covers topics like cost price-, result- and revaluation processing in the general ledger. All topics will be discussed from a Dutch GAAP and/or IFRS perspective. This training is delivered by a trainer with over 20 years of experience in the securities industry.

The program consists of e-learning and classroom based training.

This training includes the following modules which you can access on the internet wherever and whenever it suits you:

  • The Balance Sheet
  • Liabilities and Equities
  • Accounting Essentials

Four weeks before the classroom training date you will receive your login details and instructions to give you access to the e-learning modules. Each module has an average duration of 2-4 hours. The e-learning modules are available in English.

Classroom Training

The training day covers the following topics:

Cost price processing IFRS vs cost price processing Dutch GAAP/BW2

- How are the various cost prices known in securities administration, established and how should various cost price options be processed in your general ledger?
- What’s the key difference between Dutch GAAP and IFRS?

Revaluation IFRS vs Dutch GAAP/BW2

- What’s the difference between revaluation and amortization? Why revaluate? How is a revaluation result defined? What are the accounting options for the processing of a revaluation in accordance with IFRS or Dutch GAAP?

Result processing IFRS vs result processing Dutch GAAP/BW2

- How the profit determination of a securities administration is performed? How does processing based on IFRS principals relates to the profit determination? How to cope with (un)realized profit?

Practical issues:

Costs: € 430 per person excl. VAT (incl. training materials and lunch).

Classroom training: The training starts at 9:30 hours and ends at 16:30 hours. The participants will receive a certificate of participation after successfully completing the Zoologic course and attending the training day.

Register: For registration please send an e-mail to Annette Licht .

Questions: Please contact Annette Licht at +31 (0)20-6206921.

* Cancellation policy:

Until the date of providing access to the e-learning modules cancellation is free of charge. After the start date of the Zoologic e-learning modules and until two weeks before start of the training day we will charge an amount of € 175. In case of cancellation within two weeks prior to the training day we will charge total cost.

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