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Life of a Trade IV

Specialized securities administration training

Part IV completes the for ‘Life of a Trade’ training course. This training is designed for employees working daily on administrative processing who have little or no knowledge of options, bonds and other fixed income products.


The program consists of e-learning and classroom based training.


This training includes the following modules which you can access on the internet wherever and whenever it suits you:

  • Introduction to Options
  • Introduction to Forwards & Futures
  • Long-Term Debt Securities

Four weeks before the classroom training date you will receive your login details and instructions to give you access to the e-learning modules. Each module has an average duration of 2-4 hours. The e-learning modules are available in English.

Classroom Training

The training day covers the following topics:

Fixed Income Market
- The fixed income market, different types of bonds and the specific features of each (e.g. convertibles, index-linked, perpetuals and zero-bonds).
- Practical examples to explain various interest calculations.
- Further discussion on settlement and administrative procedures relating to bonds and the role of fixed income investment products.

Options, Futures & Forwards
- Why should options, futures and forwards be used as investment products?
- What are the features, differences and risks of these investment products?
- Introduction to several strategies: spread, straddle etc.

Practical issues

Costs: € 430 per person excl. VAT (incl. training materials and lunch).

Classroom training: The training starts at 09:30 and ends at 16:30. Participants will receive a certificate of participation after successful completion of the Zoologic course and attending the training day.

Register: For registration please send an e-mail to Annette Licht: ALicht@sscinc.com

Questions: Please contact Annette Licht at +31 (0)20-6206921.

Discount offer: We offer a discount of €90 on the total price of all four “Life of a Trade” courses when you register for them all in a single booking.

* Cancellation policy:
Until the date of providing access to the e-learning modules cancellation is free of charge. After the start date of the Zoologic e-learning modules and until two weeks before start of the training day we will charge an amount of € 175. In case of cancellation within two weeks prior to the training day we will charge the total cost.

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