Zoologic Learning Paths

Commercial & Retail Banking Learning Path

At SS&C, we provide courses to help you with both general banking and financial skills. For consumer banks, we offer courses that range from basic deposit accounts to small business banking to investment services. Whether for managers or new recruits, the right training is essential. At Zoologic, we can help you learn how to give effective referrals, understand credit products for small business and consumers, understand trust services, and create a strong relationship with customers.

Commercial & Retail Banking Path

Our course paths include paths consist of a comprehensive course curriculums and tools that best meet the learning objectives of your employees.

For commercial bankers, we offer a comprehensive curriculum covering credit and ratio analysis (using risk measuring tools such as Monte Carlo simulation and VAR) and derivative products. Our relationship management curriculum offers customer acquisition, customer retention and cross selling with the bank's product specialist (leasing, investments, cash management, succession planning).