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Training and Development

The SS&C Learning Institute offers solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of learning. We can assess your staff’s skill levels, design curriculum that fits their overall needs, test for retention, and provide continued support through mentorship, coaching, and certification. Whatever your requirements, the Learning Institute can provide your institution with a well-rounded program of learning and development.

SS&C Learning Institute Commercial

The success of any institution depends on the knowledge and efficiency of its workforce. SS&C Learning Institute offers an integrated learning solution that combines software training, professional development, business knowledge instruction, and software certifications to ensure your workforce is performing at its best.

The SS&C Learning Institute offers:

  • Skills Assessments in all areas so your organization is spending money efficiently on training you do need, and not on the areas you don’t need.
  • Business Process Reviews that give an overall picture of necessary workflow changes, areas for efficiency improvement, and reduces operational risk. This review is then incorporated into a new workflow training program that lets your entire staff start off on the right foot.
  • Instructor led in-classroom and web-based courses that cover three essential areas of learning: software training, professional development, and business knowledge
  • Customized Training to meet the exact needs of your business
  • Software Certifications gives all employees a solid foundation of understanding the system and software best-practice. Helps eliminate maintenance costs spent on “the little things”.
  • Webinars and Seminars that instruct on topics relevant to all clients. These public events allow one to gain valuable knowledge and network with fellow clients without having to spend dollars on customized or onsite training.
  • Learning Webcasts and online learning courses providing instruction all areas of software, professional development, and business acumen. Perfect for clients who have employees in remote locations or where you need the flexibility to learn at your own speed.
  • CPE credits for all standard onsite or instructor-led live courses

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