Zoologic Learning Solutions

Zoologic Web-Based Courseware

With Zoologic's web-based solutions, your organization can customize learning paths or build specific curricula comprised of self-paced courses that take the learner between two and four hours to complete. Learning paths build from basic to advanced, with certain courses as suggested pre-requisites for more challenging subjects. Following the suggested sequence takes the learner from the basics to mastery. Zoologic's web-based courses also provide continuing education credits approved by accrediting organizations which many financial professionals are required to collect to maintain professional license or certification.

Subject Matter Experts

Courses are developed with subject matter experts specifically for the web, with the understanding that learners experience information on the web differently than in the classroom.

Zoologic's web-based courseware provides each learner with:

  • Web-optimized content. Content optimized for the web means that learners get the most from their web-based self-directed learning experience.
  • Realistic interactive scenarios. Our technical architecture is based on a learn-by-doing approach that utilizes interactivity to provide continuous personalized feedback and increase cognition and retention.
  • Learning assessments. Learning assessments include exercises and tests, which are tracked and reported for the learner's benefit.
  • Driving usage. We can help you tie specific courses to an overall program of learning and put together a plan that gets the message out and learners interested in taking courses.

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