Credit and Background Screening

SS&C offers a wide variety of credit report and background screening products, designed for use by many different industries. Our solutions include standard credit reports from all three major bureaus as well as Tri-Bureau merged reports, tenant and pre-employment screening including eviction, criminal background, degree verification and more, as well as last-known address retrieval for customer location or returned mail. In addition SS&C provides a single-sign-on web portal, called BANC Mall, for obtaining credit report and collateral valuation information, which was designed specifically to facilitate community bank and credit union lending.

BANC Mall™

A web-based information center that allows banks and credit unions to conduct risk screening and collateral valuation research for consumer and commercial lending. BANC Mall provides loan officers and administrators with immediate access to critical decision-making information. Services include credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, NADA valuations, and home valuations from Freddie Mac and more. SS&C’s reseller credentials with the major credit bureaus and other data providers allow banks to avoid high minimum usage requirements and fees associated with retrieving reports directly from the source.

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Tenant / EmploymentScreener (T/EScreener)

This web-based solution is designed exclusively for background screening companies, enabling them to automate and accelerate their application screening and investigation process for tenant applications or pre-employment screening. T/EScreener is convenient and easy to use, with access to all major credit repositories and numerous online databases, including DMV, public records, criminal records, eviction history, degree verification and more.

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CreditScreener is a web-based solution that allows users to submit applicant information and quickly receive reports directly from the major credit bureaus, including Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, using your institution’s existing access codes obtained directly from the credit bureaus. CreditScreener provides the accurate risk assessments that are necessary for the core business needs of a wide variety of industries.

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Supports the background investigation process by providing fast, reliable information. FraudScreener allows lenders to create their own customized “score-card” and parameters for analyzing data from consumer reports. Loan applications are submitted by loan officers to the FraudScreener web application, then consumer and commercial credit and pre-selected public and criminal records repositories are automatically accessed and run against the pre-set parameters to find deviations. Suspicious application details or deviations are flagged for further review.

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Automate your labor-intensive and costly returned-mail process, or locate current or former clients with Address Screener. Our hosted solution optimizes productivity and accuracy while minimizing delivery delays and costs.

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