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SS&C Announces Modernized Platform for Global Recordkeeping, SS&C Lyric

Cloud-native platform future-proofs operations for asset managers, broker-dealers, retirement recordkeepers and superannuation providers

WINDSOR, CT, May 27, 2021/PRNewswire/ -- SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) today announced the launch of SS&C Lyric, a new operating platform for its global businesses servicing asset managers, broker-dealers, retirement recordkeepers and superannuation providers. Lyric enables SS&C clients to leverage a modern, cloud-based environment encompassing customizable user experiences, rapidly deployable microservices, event-driven integration and a leading-edge data platform. Core tenets of Lyric are 24x7 availability, global real-time data transparency and end-user configuration and personalization.

“We are pleased to introduce Lyric, the next generation of SS&C’s industry-leading global recordkeeping solution. This transformation initiative will revolutionize how we service our clients and their underlying investors, advisors and industry partners,” said Nick Wright, General Manager of SS&C Global Investor and Distribution Solutions. “Among many exciting new features, Lyric incorporates state-of-the-art user portals and completely reimagines data visualization and reporting to provide a robust and scalable foundation for the future.” 

SS&C’s migration onto the Lyric platform is underway across its suite of global recordkeeping solutions.  Enhanced functionality will be implemented iteratively without requiring a conversion from existing recordkeeping platforms. 

Learn more about SS&C Lyric.

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