Asset Management Solutions: Navigate the Landscape

Pursuing greater alpha and a well-diversified asset allocation has ushered in a new era of investment opportunities. Explore the innovative horizons of asset management with us. Realize unlimited opportunities and optimized returns. Our services offer efficiency and agility, seamless transition to new operating models, and a boost in product diversification and digital transformation.


What We Can Do for You

Client Communications

Engage stakeholders with bespoke reports and tailored portfolio insights.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Drive client-centric alpha with our sophisticated CRM tailored for asset managers.

Distribution Solutions

Elevate AUM growth with our robust distribution network alliances.

Front Office

Seamlessly integrate multi asset class order entry, pre- and post-trade compliance, allocation, execution, and real time P&L analysis.

Global Transfer Agency

Facilitate cross-border fund subscriptions and redemptions seamlessly.


Enhance decision-making with a consolidated, real-time Investment Book of Record.

Investment Accounting

Ensure NAV accuracy with compliant fund accounting workflows.

Middle Office

Navigate trade processing, trade matching and confirmation, reconciliations and data solutions, loan solutions, collateral management and accounting.

Performance Measurement & Attribution

Dissect alpha sources with our advanced attribution models and benchmarks.


Leverage operational and technology support can be an extension of your business for Reconciliation, Trading, Pricing and FMV, Transfers, and Dividend and interest.

Registered Fund Services

Offering you a suite of registered fund services for mutual funds, interval funds, exchange-traded funds and products (ETFs/ETPs), closed-end funds, collective investment trusts (CITs) and private managed products.


Navigate Blue Sky compliance, MiFID II, AIFMD, and UCITS regulations confidently.

Retail Alternatives

Full-Service solution to support the Front-Middle-Back Office needs for a Retail Alternatives fund offering.

Retirement Administration Services

Enhance DC and DB pension strategies with our specialized services.

Risk Analytics

Dive deep into VaR, stress testing, and scenario analyses for holistic risk management.


Guidance on systems and processes, covering investment compliance, T+1 settlement, 22c-2, ESG, Cyber Security, IA Marketing Rule, Electronic Communications and more.

Series Trust Solutions

Increased scale and faster Go-To-Market through a Series Trust Solution for mutual funds and a multi-series solution for an interval funds.

Tax Services

Experience a comprehensive, technology-driven solution for tax compliance, reporting, and analytics that empowers fund managers to proactively manage their tax exposure throughout the year, ensuring real-time control and insight. Optimize for FATCA/CRS compliance and cross-border tax reclaim opportunities.

Expert Support for Disruptive Business Events

Organizations are often confronted with disruptive business situations and don’t have enough qualified resources to meet the challenge. SS&C Flex is your secret weapon for tackling and minimizing the impact of unusual and seasonal events on your operations.