6 Ways Advanced Investment Tools Aid Employee Retention, Satisfaction

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 | By Steve Campbell, SS&C Aloha Development Manager, Institutional & Investment Management

6 Ways Advanced Investment Tools Aid Employee Retention, Satisfaction

Investment operations staff keep wealth and money management firms humming. They handle the sometimes mundane, frequently arduous and always critical tasks that reconcile trades, balance the books, capture performance and ensure compliance (just to name a few areas). In the age of the so-called Great Resignation, it’s especially important to give the staff reasons to stick around; one way is by giving them tools and technology that help them to work efficiently, advance their skills and gain opportunities to add more value to your firm.

Advanced investment operations environments deliver a host of benefits to staff that benefit them as well as their employers, such as:

  • Reduced staff training. An intuitive, easy-to-learn and modern system can shorten and flatten the learning curve and quicken the onboarding process. In addition, having a single solution, like SS&C Aloha, to handle all operations removes the obstacle of learning different systems with differing interfaces.
  • Improved usability. Persona-based dashboards, prompts and notifications are part of today’s exceptions-based and automated workflows that help users focus on the critical tasks at hand, specific to their role, supported by real-time, integrated help and insight.
  • Higher productivity. With an advanced, automated system in place, users are no longer just “processors” and gain time for more value-add activities and strategic objectives. Less time spent wrestling with cumbersome, antiquated technology means more productivity.
  • Greater connectedness. A smarter, more streamlined and intuitive system with the same user experience throughout helps break barriers to change management and organizational collaboration, supports staff fungibility and reduces key-person risk.
  • Better fit. Advanced investment operations environments, like SS&C Aloha, are built for today’s workforce, which may not be in the office. Being cloud-native, offering mobile access, and providing digital tools and self-service capabilities make for anytime/anywhere access and better work/life balance.
  • Enhanced growth. No one wants to be stuck in a job using archaic technology and without any option to try new things or grow in the role. The latest technology presents more chances for learning and more control in the hands of end users, which in turn supports their career growth and on-the-job accomplishments.

You can probably come up with more advantages that an integrated, streamlined and modern investment operations environment could bring to your staff, who will be more satisfied and have less reason to resign if the tools that they use make their jobs more efficient, effective and enjoyable.

SS&C Aloha was built from the ground up with a sharp eye on the people and the work they do across the investment operations landscape. Aloha’s persona-based insights and automated workflows are tailored to the specific needs of each user and empower them to focus on what is most important. Hear more on the topic in our "Focus on Your People to Advance Your Investment Operations" podcast.

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