A simple and intuitive way to manage and view insurance and eligibility file transmissions

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 | By Grant Kreft, VP, Business Development, and Kerube Farhadi, Solutions Consultant

A simple and intuitive way to manage and view insurance and eligibility file transmissions

Managing and administering employee benefits enrollment is challenging. An important component of that is ensuring that your enrollment and eligibility data gets to your vendors on time and with the correct data. Common issues are:

  • Complex: Human error creates liability issues due to
    • Incorrect premiums
    • Incorrect eligibility
    • Incorrect insurance enrollments limiting coverage or adding extra coverage and at a cost
  • Resource intensive: Managing file feeds can be a full-time job. Time spent managing files takes time away from your employees core tasks
  • Lack of insight: Issue resolution takes longer without access to the file transmission process

To address these critically important issues, SS&C has developed an interactive, real-time dashboard for their BenefiX solution.

Screenshot shows the Benefix Dashboard with sample data

The BenefiX Process:

BenefiX receives employee enrollment and eligibility data through its standard API, (Application Programming Interface), and performs the transformation, translation and transmission to your carriers.

The BenefiX Dashboard:

The BenefiX Dashboard provides real-time oversight into the status of your files. Four high level statuses at the top of the screen provide simple visual cues related to your files:

  • Queued: Indicates the number of files queued or currently being processed
  • Sent: Indicates the number of files sent
  • Failed: Indicates the number of files that failed
  • Warning(s): Indicates the number of files that had a warning condition

The rows on the dashboard show the details for each file.

The BenefiX Dashboard has built in notifications to direct your attention to any outstanding matters, making the management and administration of benefits enrollment easy. Configurable user roles control access to file metrics based on job function. User roles separate access for administration, management and individual end users to ensure they only see what they need to in order to efficiently manage the information they are responsible for.

The BenefiX Dashboard provides complete insight into your enrollment and eligibility file transmission process to address administrative gaps and mitigate your liability.

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