Advancing Asset Management: 6 Musts for a Modern Operations Platform

Thursday, September 1, 2022 | By Dominic Flanagan, Chief Development Officer, Institutional & Investment Management

Advancing Asset Management: 6 Musts for a Modern Operations Platform

Most asset managers would agree that high-performance technology infrastructure is essential for optimizing efficiency, controlling operating costs and moving the business forward. In today’s complex, fast-paced marketplace, it is also a competitive necessity—potentially a big differentiator in enabling firms to operate efficiently across the investment management ecosystem and deliver a friction-free client experience. In its recent report on “The Future of Asset Management,” consulting firm Accenture said, “The asset management landscape seems to be evolving faster than firms’ ability to operationally adapt, putting pressure on firms to implement flexible, scalable operations and technology.”

Indeed, the pressure to keep up with ever-advancing technology—and avoid falling behind—is one of the industry’s defining challenges. The cost of updating infrastructure year after year is proving unsustainable for many firms. As a result, they continue to work in operational silos, loosely connected by legacy systems and manual processes. Elevating how teams work together, access information and add value is not simply about acquiring the latest technology, but rather requires reimagining the operational model with built-in flexibility to adapt readily to ongoing, rapid change.

In reality, with advancements in intelligent automation, the technology exists today to fundamentally transform investment operations and maximize agility. In our “Accelerate the Speed of Information” whitepaper we outline the six essential characteristics that define a transformational and future-ready operational platform that will benefit all involved:

  1. A Single Source of Truth: A centralized data model moves information out of silos and makes firm-wide data consistency and integrity possible.
  2. A Humanized User Experience: Persona-based interfaces reflect how people actually work, so they can be more productive without having to think about the technology.
  3. Advanced Automation: Technology enables firms to redeploy staff to client-focused activities while elevating standards of timeliness, accuracy and thoroughness.
  4. Cloud-based scalability: The cloud is foundational to a future-proof system—not just moving yesterday’s systems into the cloud, but starting fresh with a cloud-native platform. The cloud makes it easier to deliver continuous upgrades and incorporate new technologies automatically with minimal disruption.
  5. Interoperability: A single platform supports all assets and functions, built on an open platform that enables easy integration with external systems via robust APIs
  6. Intelligent Technologies: The “wait and see” period for AI, machine learning and robotics is over. It’s time to start building smart technologies into the core of the modern operational platform, not trying to graft them onto aging legacy systems.

Technology and operations should enable growth. A platform that meets these six criteria will give firms the agility to pursue new market opportunities and expand their offerings. A prime example of this modern operational platform is SS&C Aloha. Launched in 2021, SS&C Aloha supports every asset class and every function across the investment lifecycle, eliminating siloed systems and complicated integrations. As a cloud-native platform powered by advanced intelligent technologies, SS&C Aloha’s flexible, modular design effectively future-proofs investment operations with the ability to incorporate enhancements automatically and seamlessly.

Contact us to schedule a demo of SS&C Aloha. And for more context and insights on the issue of keeping ahead of technological change, download our "Accelerate the Speed of Information" whitepaper.

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