Besting disruption during critical events: A new option for health plans

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 | By Roger Smith, Vice President , Operations

Besting disruption during critical events: A new option for health plans

Health plans are in the business of dealing with unexpected events while making sure members have safe access to medical and pharmacy care. However, even with comprehensive contingency planning, disruptions can still place a strain on staff and resources. Events outside the realm of “business-as-usual” can pile up for health plans, creating new challenges around maintaining daily operations amidst multiple, serious disruptions.

Consider the following situations:

  • Flu/COVID Immunization Communications: As we move through flu season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, members may have more questions or concerns than usual regarding flu shots. Member questions may increase even more when COVID-19 immunizations begin to roll out. Added call center support can help.
  • Formulary Changes: Planned formulary changes can lead to the need for added call center support to help impacted members.
  • Pharmacy Network Changes: When pharmacy network changes occur, especially when networks become more restricted, added call center support can help mitigate member disruption.

At some point, health plans are likely to deal with situations like the ones of above—or others.

In managing crisis-level events, natural disasters and other disruptions, businesses often switch team members from their routine tasks and assign them to crisis-oriented tasks. However, that is the time when member needs drive a surge in demand for information and services stemming from those routine tasks. A significant disruption could jeopardize the ability to serve members, impacting clinical outcomes, financial results and stakeholder satisfaction. SS&C can help:

SS&C specializes in disruptive event support for businesses that depend on customer service via phone, mail and digital communications. Whether your event impacts millions of members or a small number of target populations, we will design and execute a custom plan to accommodate your unique needs. We will provide expertise at appropriate levels—more when it is required and less when it is not—to initiate and conclude your project.

The extraordinary year of 2020 has taught us that all businesses—health plans included—can expect the unexpected. In the current environment, it’s a good business decision to research options to mitigate risk. SS&C’s Event Center quickly designs and stands up custom programs to meet unique challenges. We offer specialized expertise and deep experience in managing unexpected, critical or time-sensitive event-related needs.

Know your options in a crisis. To learn more about SS&C’s Event Center, download the "Support for health plans to minimize disruption when resources are strained" whitepaper, visit our health website, or contact us.


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