Bill Stone shares leadership advice with Forbes

Thursday, December 3, 2020 | By Celeste Gossmann, Marketing Specialist

Bill Stone shares leadership advice with Forbes

During uncertain times, who do you look to for guidance? Forbes recently assembled a virtual roundtable of CEOs who have led their companies through uncertainty to success over the past few decades, including SS&C’s CEO and founder, Bill Stone. The other CEOs were Alan B. Miller of Universal Health Services and J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr. of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

The discussion examined what makes a good leader, and the themes of integrity, trust and willingness to adapt rose to the top. Bill said that the philosophy of trust works both ways—that a CEO must earn trust and show trust in others. Bill applies that philosophy to focus on facts and numbers and treat everyone equally—don’t play favorites.

Bill also emphasized the speed of change, particularly in technology, and the need to adapt to those changes to stay ahead. The speed at which technology doubles is accelerating, with some estimates deeming it as short as 90 days. Staying calm can help a great leader know when to embrace the changes to keep a company keeps pace without overwhelming its people. Of course, luck plays a role as well.

Bill has experience navigating changes to grow a company. In less than a decade, SS&C has grown from $329 million to $4.6 billion under his leadership to become the largest private equity and hedge funds administrator.

Read the full article or listen to a recording of the full interview on the Forbes site.

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