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Nov 17, 2017

Beyond the lines of code: How to deliver a successful software product

 At SS&C, I’ve worked on numerous software launches and seen what works and what doesn’t. First and foremost, a realistic project plan outlining all requirements is the foundation of delivering a successful software product. If the requirements are vague, then the timeline and budget will most likely be inaccurate and unreliable. During the early planning stages, it’s critical to clarify and document what deliverables are expected and when, as well as identify the resources ...

Nov 16, 2017

5 benefits of an integrated advisor desktop

According to a Financial Planning survey, the highest-income advisors tend to serve fewer – not more – clients. By having fewer clients, advisors can spend more time with each client to focus on deepening the relationship which creates loyalty and generally increases walletshare. An integrated, client-centered approach is the best way to manage and develop your business. Leading financial advisors manage to this principle with a holistic, efficient technology solution that delivers ...

Nov 14, 2017

Data aggregation: Part art, part science

Data aggregation has never been more important than it is today for buy side firms. Whether you are reconciling back to your counterparties, preparing performance reports for your clients or considering how to meet existing and approaching industry regulations, post-trade data is at the heart of meeting these goals.  These evolving needs are pushing firms to rely on technology vendors to aggregate data for them. In addition to having scalable processes that can collect data from ...

Nov 9, 2017

Are asset managers and wealth managers blurring the lines?

For the last 5 years we’ve been reading a never-ending stream of stories on passive being the better choice over active or the imminent transition of assets from traditional wealth managers to robo advisors.  Although these stories are often a result of media hype, this shift from active management or towards more automated wealth management has had tangible impact on many of SS&C Advent’s clients and resulted in fee compression amongst other challenges like negative or stagnant asset ...

Nov 1, 2017

6 key asset management trends that are reshaping operations

In SS&C Advent’s recent joint webinar with leading research and consulting firm Celent, Senior Analyst Jay Wolstenholme identified six major trends playing out in the asset management industry as we close out 2017 and look forward. These trends, as they drive down from the businesses they support, are reshaping asset managers’ operations and the technology they need to support them. Trend 1: Low return investment environment The post-financial crisis combination of historically low ...

Oct 23, 2017

Tips to optimize your tech resources for business growth

We’re pleased to announce our involvement with an upcoming ThinkAdvisor TechCenter webinar discussing how advisors can leverage technology to drive client relationships and firm growth. ThinkAdvisor’s TechCenter is an educational resource designed to keep advisors abreast of new tech innovations to gain a competitive edge. Join Janet Levaux, Editor-in-Chief of Investment Advisory Group, Joel P. Bruckenstein, Publisher of Technology Tools for Today (T3), Timothy D. Welsh, President/CEO ...

Oct 19, 2017

The best practices of the best advisors – InvestmentNews workshop

The seeds of destruction are sown in good times – and these are very good times,” declared Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Services in his keynote session at the recently held Investment News Best Practices Workshop. Nearly 100 advisors from the best-managed firms as deemed by the Investment News research team gathered for a full day of sessions, networking and the chance to learn the best practices for business management of an RIA firm. Tibergien was pointing to the ...

Oct 13, 2017

The ideal FX margin trading solution for a volatile FX market

Over the last few years, the FX market has been very volatile due to various factors, including: Unconventional monetary policies from central banks Electoral uncertainty Increased geopolitical risks To capitalize on this volatility and generate higher returns, private banks have been advising their clients to trade/invest in a variety of FX products. They also advise their clients to use FX products to hedge their foreign exchange risks. These products range from ...


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