Choosing the right hedge fund partner

Friday, October 15, 2021

Choosing the right hedge fund partner

Launching a hedge fund involves planning for operations as well as an overall strategy. A strong operational setup positions you to get up and running smoothly and ready to start growing. One option to launch quickly is to partner with a front-to-back solution, but how do you choose the right provider for your needs?

It’s important to choose a provider with experience at every stage of growth that can scale to the size of your business even in the early phases of your launch. Partnering with an experienced provider will also help attract investors, as they will be assured that due diligence requirements and technology needs will be met. And as the vendor consolidation trend continues, it’s wise to choose a complete end-to-end solution to simplify vendor management and lower start-up costs. Multiple vendors also increase operational, regulatory and cybersecurity risks, whereas a single solution mitigates some of those risks.

SS&C offers a front-to-back solution for institutional managers, providing a turnkey platform for bringing a new hedge fund to market. In addition to our decades of experience partnering with hedge funds, the solution also offers

  • Front-to-back all-in-one cloud platform
  • Fund administration
  • Investor services
  • Regulatory and risk solutions
  • Single sign-on and secure cloud

When you launch your fund with SS&C, you benefit from our proven track record and our long history of delivering award-winning and innovative technology solutions. We invest hundreds of millions in R&D annually. To learn more about how SS&C can help you launch your hedge fund, download our "Choosing the Right Hedge Fund Partner" brochure.

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