Client Reporting: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Friday, October 29, 2021 | By Michael Kendall, Director & Head of Client Communications Solutions

Client Reporting: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to client communications, we’re often asked “what are your other clients doing?” It’s a fair question that reflects a natural interest in peer activity and one that has a variety of responses—all of them valid. The varied answers to the single question indicate the need for flexibility and freedom that our diverse client base seeks in order to deliver customized, end-investor content as their clients desire it. Digging deeper into this question, we find common threads in what we are delivering for our clients and how they are using our solutions to meet their client’s needs.

Most periodic client communications, typically generated monthly and/or quarterly, contain standard elements:  holdings, transactions and performance information, along with some rear-view and forward-looking commentary on the markets. There can be variation among these common items, but for the most part, the general construct is remarkably similar. The right type of solution can allow for quick adaptation of these common elements to support the nuances of a particular client’s communications. 

Templates that are prefabricated to address these commonalities, yet flexible, make perfect sense. Allowances made in template design that can be applied intuitively to support user adaptation and customization drive quicker time to market for content. A solution that is robust enough to rapidly deliver these “standard elements” and enable your organization to spend more time addressing the truly custom content you need, is critically important to client communications success. Customized content is how you effectively impart your unique investment process results and insights to your clients. 

Whether clients need a basic industry-standard solution, a way to generate complex bespoke output, or something in between, SS&C’s depth and duration of experience enable us to meet and exceed client expectations on a regular basis—both in terms of our product and our process to implement and deliver client solutions. Our experience guides our product strategy, shapes our delivery practices and results in us helping our clients retain the confidence and trust of their investors. 

Read how our customizable solution and expert service helps one of our clients with their reporting needs in this "Vantage Infrastructure" case study, and contact us if you want to advance your firm’s client reporting and communications with Vision FI.

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