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Client Spotlight: Rothschild chooses SS&C as outsourcing partner

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 | By Jen Molgano

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of hosting Kathryn Orozco, head of operations, Rothschild Asset Management, at our SS&C Times Square Office in New York City. She joined us to discuss her rational for turning to SS&C for outsourcing.

Kathryn explained that at the pace Rothschild was growing, the manual processes currently in place wouldn’t be able to keep up. They debated investing in additional infrastructure or outsourcing certain functions. However, IT and operations is not core to Rothschild business and spending too much time and resources managing systems and processes in-house can actually stand in the way of growth. Outsourcing was the only viable option.

Outsourcing with SS&C was a logical fit for Rothschild since they required a fluid, transparent, hosted solution that would be an extension of their business. Kathryn was able to visit our datacenter in Yorktown and see for herself what that security and network security looked like - reinforcing her trust in SS&C. During the implementation process, Kathryn and her team worked with dedicated, experienced staff so anytime Rothschild called or had a question, they knew the other person on the line which fostered a true SS&C and Rothschild partnership.

By outsourcing with SS&C, Kathryn received the execution and scalability her company needed to continue rapidly growing. Watch a two-minute video to hear Kathryn explain for herself why Rothschild Asset Management, a global firm with assets in the billions, decided it was time to outsource with SS&C.

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