Client story: The logical outsourcing choice for Chilton Trust

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Client story: The logical outsourcing choice for Chilton Trust

It’s no secret that investment firms have choices when it comes to technology hosting. There are providers out there who will perform basic rack-space hosting or host applications for investment firms only. Where both of these arrangements start to get dicey is over service, support, and long-term commitment.

Chilton Trust Company is a case in point. For the firm’s first few years of operation, they used Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) as their core portfolio management system, and they made use of a third party hosting and servicing provider. But service began to slip as the provider made it clear they were not going to stay in the outsourcing provider business for long.  Chilton made a strategic decision to remove that risk factor and consolidate with one vendor that they felt comfortable was going to be there for the long run to support their firm.

After a review of the various options available, Chilton made the decision to go with Advent Outsourcing Services™ for cloud delivery of APX as well as utilizing SS&C Advent to provide operational services. In the client’s view, it was simply the logical choice: Who better to host, service and support the product than the people who built it?

In this client story, Chilton’s SVP for reporting, performance analytics and administration, Josh Rosen, mentioned some of the advantages of using Advent Outsourcing Services including:

  • It’s a “one-stop shop” offering cloud delivery, technical support and operational services under one roof.
  • Faster issue resolution. No more playing phone tag between the hosting service and the technology vendor to get issues resolved. Because SS&C Advent personnel know the product intimately, they can actively anticipate issues and resolve ones that do occur more quickly.
  • Scalability. Chilton has grown its assets and client base very quickly. With Advent Outsourcing Services, they don’t have to worry about constantly upgrading versions to keep up with the firm’s growth.
  • Security. SS&C Advent employs strong security measures, both physical and technical, that are fully audited and certified. Chilton estimated that it would cost them considerably more in the long run to maintain the necessary level of security if they managed the system internally.

For more about Chilton’s experience, including the process of migrating to Advent Outsourcing Services, check out the full client story. It makes a compelling case, in the client’s own words, why users of SS&C Advent technology should be using SS&C Advent’s outsourcing services as well.

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